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Friday, February 22, 2008

I'm unstruck!

Yikes! I knew it had been awhile since I updated my blog, but I didn't realize I'd let so many sands sift through the hourglass ...

I've been telling myself these past weeks (months) that as long as the Writers Guild of America continued its strike, I would cast my vote of solidarity by going on strike from the blogosphere. And what an absolute UPROAR my absence caused! (pause for tumbleweed to waft across keyboard ...)

By the way, doesn't it seem cool to belong to a "guild"? And what do you call someone who was on strike but now is not? Unstruck?

I'm glad my writing brethren are back at their laptops, for two reasons. One, so they can receive their fair share of revenues. And two, so we can get fresh 'n' meaty eps of "The Office" and "Lost" before the summer dry spell begins. Though I do hope new scripted
programming won't displace the "Moment of Truth" (for a description, look up "guity pleasure" in Webster's) or "American Gladiators." (Quick question regarding Wolf: Is he a man, or is he a beast? He terrifies me, yet I can't look away.)

Anyway, I'll close this post with a salute to Hollywood's best for getting ... unstruck.